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Possible Titles for Painless Vim

I was going through some old scraps of things I’ve written and found this brainstorming list of possible titles for my then-upcoming book on vim. before I settled on the current title. I kind of like some of these, but overall I think I went for the best one.

Vim Book Titles

  • Vim in One (Long) Day
  • Long Day’s Journey into Vim
  • Gradual Vim
  • Vim for Smart People Who Could Use a Little Help
  • Vim for the Wise
  • Growing into Vim
  • Reluctant Vim
  • Painless Vim
  • The Sane Person’s Guide to Vim
  • Vim for the Sane

I really liked Long Day’s Journey into Vim, but that cover would have been hideous and it didn’t really have the “friendly and breezy” vibe I was going for. Ditto Reluctant Vim.